What dream do you want to
bring to life?

Stirring shit up 24/7


Struggling with technology is a universal

 human experience.

We’re committed to reducing the struggle

Together we can create technology that

works for you, is built with your

community and increases your expertise.

Our knowledge spans

teaching, coaching, engineering,

social impact and tech development from startups to

enterprise level.

What if you could build your technology so that it is
high quality, accessible & adventurous?

We build

Data Strategy

Ethical Tech Reviews

Power Skills with People and Teams

Strategy and Tech Roadmaps for Change

Data and AI Literacy

Tech Support Solutions for Female Founders & Social Impact

Data Preparation

Data Analysis & Visualization

Data Dashboards

Data/ML Models

MVPs and Prototypes

Websites and Apps


Are the solutions you are using serving you?

Are you using them effectively? Do you really need 7 different systems? What if your systems could work smarter together? Why don’t they?
People with a story (of multiple systems) don’t scare us

People with a story don’t scare us. We don’t build just to build, we build with, not for. We know about the struggles to get a tech project delivered on time. We know how confusing it can feel when it seems that everyone is speaking a secret language. We know how it feels when your project seems stuck. We bring our best knowledge and people to break down those walls. We’re fond of saying when you work with us, shit gets done!

If you feel it is time to clean up your tech closet, you are in the right place.We are about simplicity, reusability and maintainability. Your tech choices should feel like they liberate you, not that they are a life sentence.

We are known for doing.

WHY we are called

The Do Good Only Company

To understand why we are called The Do Good Only Company, you’ll need to know a bit about my primary source of inspiration.

My mother spent her whole life challenging the status quo. She was always looking for a new way to do something, from thinking up inventions to advocating for those who did not have a voice. During her lifetime, she set an example for her four children and numerous others about what it meant to be persistent, resilient, compassionate, funny, pragmatic, and challenging all at once. Near the end of her life, she woke up one morning from a dream about returning to the Netherlands, via ship into the Rotterdam harbor. This was a journey she had made as a child after the war.

She was wide awake and told me that I needed to listen to her. In her dream, she had discovered what the answer was to all the questions in the world! I was in a pre-coffee state and said “Sure, Mom, what’s the answer?”

She said, very clearly, “The answer to all questions is to Do Good Only. If you answer every question that way, all the problems in the world can be solved

I believe that. If you use that principle to examine every action, idea, and decision we are faced with, the possibilities for impact are endless. When it came time to choose a name for the inclusive and curious community we wanted to be, there was only one choice.

To choose a name that would always provide us with a starting point and remind us that talking is not enough, we must also DO.

Caroline F. Williams

Founder, Head Rebel

Our core values are Inclusion, Trust, Curiousity and Honor.
We will bring these values to our work with you.

We are inclusive. We welcome you as you are.

We are curious. We are always looking for improvement

for everything that we do.

We are very open and direct on what we are

doing and why. We encourage a questioning culture.

We respect ourselves and you. WE TAKE

time, resources and budgets VERY SERIOUSLY.

What Your Technical Projects Enable








people trained in 4 years.


From the migration/newcomers community

People were unemployed before they started with us

people are now employed

or have returned to formal education.



“The Do Good Company has given Fraenck a lot of insight into a number of important data streams. By combining a clear skill matrix with a work schedule, we now know a lot better what our potential output per day is! Caroline and her team helped us a lot with this.”

- Fraenck

I hope we can continue and expand the cooperation in the future. Because inclusion can be difficult to explain, but is actually very easy to achieve, just by reaching out, being positive and giving opportunities. And that is what Do Good is!’’

- Veronique Aicha

“Working with The Do Good Only Company is great! Brilliant and dedicated people! This company understands the challenges for the future but works with the reality of today. Always inspiring to be part of.”

- Samantha Nuninga

For me, a website was more of an afterthought than a necessity (now I know better). Having the ideas made on what I had in my head seemed like a bizarre assignment, but nothing turned out to be less true…. How happy I am, I even get a lot of extra guests through my site (despite the difficult Corona time), and also a lot of positive reactions. Why? Because we listened so carefully to what I wanted, that is a perfectly worded, magnificent collaboration!

- Dam of Eetcafé Van Dam

“We’re proud to work alongside The Do Good Only Company and share their values of impact driven business.”

- Eleanor Manley

What we offer

Learn more about all of the

ways we break down walls.


You want your technical solution to be ethical, accessible, impactful and deliver value. That is why you want us. It’s important to you that a diverse and inclusive IT workforce is building your solution. This is what you are supporting when you choose us – we are reskilling people today, building that inclusive IT workforce.


When you choose us you make a choice to do things differently. You are open to the questions that have not yet been asked. You are open to learning and sharing your knowledge in this partnership so we can build your solution together. We are all accountable for quality!


What we build with you can help you take your business to the next level. You want to have someone you can explore ideas with and ask open questions to. This climate of trust is what innovation needs. Trust is the core of our relationships with each other. We’ve got your back!

We don’t set the status quo.

Together we will challenge the

status quo and build something

new and impactful.

Contact us

The Do Good Only Company BV
Eendrachtsplein 3, Unit 1B
3015LA Rotterdam

KVK: 72148837

Call us at 010 304 6396 or email us at info@dogoodonly.com.


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